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Cedar County Engineer

The County Engineer (Secondary Roads Department) is responsible for construction and maintenance of the Secondary Road System in Cedar County. Cedar County’s road system has 950 miles of roadway. This includes 139 miles of paved roads; 752 miles of gravel roads, and

59 miles of dirt roads. The system also includes 262 bridges and large culverts.

Engineering Duties Include
Maintenance Duties Include

Effects of Overweight Vehicles, Bridge Weight Limit Signs and Spring Thaw of Iowa Gravel Roads

Effects of Overweight Vehicles

Bridge Weight Limit Signs 

Spring Thaw of Iowa Gravel Roads​​​​​​​


Cedar County Engineer's Contact

Cedar County Courthouse
400 Cedar Street
Tipton, Iowa 52772

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Phone number: (563) 886 - 6102  
Robert Fangmann, P.E.

Assistant Engineer: Brian Meinsma
Roads Superintendent: Jeric Armstrong
Administrative Manager: Leanne Boots