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Cedar County Iowa - Assessor

About Cedar County Assessor

  • Property assessments,
  • Property exemptions,
  • Tracking of parcel maps,
  • Maintains ownership changes on property,
  • Keeps descriptions of buildings and property characteristics,
  • Analyzes trends in sale prices and construction costs.
What are the Assessor's Duties?
General Misconceptions About the Assessor's Work
General Information About the Assessor
What is Market Value?
How does the Assessor Estimate Market Value?
Why Value Change?
Tax Levies and Assessed Values
Exemptions and Credits
Dates to Remember
Things to Remember
Tax Credits and Exemptions
Homestead Tax Credit
Military Tax Exemption
Family Farm Tax Credit

Exemption/Credit Application:

  • Iowa law provides for a number of credits and exemptions. It is the property owner's responsibility to apply for these as provided by law.
  • It is also the property owner's responsibility to report to the Assessor when they are no longer eligible for any credit or exemption they have applied for.
  • To download forms, Please visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website located at
  • All forms can be found at the above link except for the Business Property Tax Credit form which can be found at this Website


      DNR Certification Forms


      Informal Assessment Appeal Process


      Board of Review Petition Process


     Property Tax Estimator

Cedar County Assessor's Contacts

Cedar County Courthouse
400 Cedar Street

Tipton, IA 52772

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Phone number: (563) 886-6413  
Fax number: (563) 594-5292

County Assessor: Cynthia Severs Marx

Deputy Assessor: Barb Lemburg

Transfer Specialist: Robin Boettcher

Clerk: Marilyn Carney

appraiser: Kyle Colvin